Gemini Atlas is an investigation platform that allows you to connect the dots, collect and share security information. Stop wasting time, accelerate security analysis.


How Does it Work?

Machine Intelligence

Uses machine reasoning to understand the relationships between entities frequently used in IT-Ops and Network Management.

Query Free

Interactive, query-free interface allows for rapid navigation through data derived from a growing number of sources.

Open World

Repository of key facts analyzed at scale across data. Understand the full context of your data.


Centralize, organize, and share findings across specified teams. Capture and catalog organizational knowledge.

Investigate, Narrate, Collaborate.

  • Reduces time and level of expertise required to find answers. Saves time on root cause analysis and incident response.

  • No complex queries. Eliminates need for data manipulation and enables users to interactively discover stories across critical business applications.

  • Works with your existing security solutions. Makes teams more effective by referencing factual, contextual information derived from a multitude of sources.

The Analyst Platform