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Gemini Atlas

Lightning Fast Analysis. Seamless Knowledge Transfer

Reduce mean time to analysis by uncovering deep and often hidden connections and relationships across identities, systems, and applications to identify root cause. Easily share findings in the form of Stories, creating a system of record and increasing organizational intelligence.

the power of atlas
Gemini Atlas leverages existing security and business data to inherently understand data regardless of where it came from, or supplied level of detail. We’ve built an extensive ontology based on our domain experience as analysts in the field. It lays our foundation for data analysis — machine reasoning.
Machine Reasoning performs logical, fact-based transformation of the data consumed. Behind the scenes, it automatically draws the same conclusions a human analyst would, gradually and reliably improving and enriching the data it finds. Capture details in stories to facilitate communication amongst C-Suite and Analysts.

Automated Data Optimization

A native ontology is applied that understands hundreds of different types of security and IT elements.
Connects to SIEMs, HDFS systems, security apps and other data sources without translation or mapping.
Gemini Data's ontology understanding of different types of security and IT elements

Accelerate Comprehension with AI

Focusing only on the data you can see creates a blind spot for connections and relationships that are “inferred” but not evidenced. Atlas uses AI to discover and display these unknown connections and relationships not revealed in the original data.
A query-free graph-oriented UI, lets you explore multi-level relationships and visual connections between data objects (user identities, devices and applications) for contextual relationship views.
Gemini Data's graph-oriented UI explores multi-level relationships and visual connections

Transfer Knowledge

Accelerate collaboration with other analysts while building a dynamic "storybook" of verified investigations. This can be used to analyze future events and provides continuity of knowledge.
Capture entities, relationships and add notes in the form of “Stories”, minimizing technical expertise needed by analysts and eliminate knowledge silos.
Gemini Data's transfering of knowledge/accelerate collaboration with analytics appliance
how it works
Gemini Atlas contextual data enterprise system graphic

Step 1

Gemini Atlas consumes event-based and contextual data from enterprise data sources such as big data systems, SIEM and log management solutions, applications, and LDAP. No ETL required. Your original data remains on-prem, while metadata is securely leveraged for analysis.
Gemini Data's graph-oriented database showing relationships across extended IT environment

Step 2

Machine reasoning extracts facts to create a data ontology and understand connections between entities while a graph-oriented database shows relationships between these entities across your extended IT environment.
Gemini Data's interactive, query free analysis canvas/AI analysts graphic

Step 3

Analysts are presented with an interactive, query free analysis canvas to rapidly navigate through data and conduct fast investigations. AI is used to look for missing relationships and connections that are inferred by the data you have.
Gemini Data's organizational knowledge base and system records archive

Step 4

Analysts build, archive and share stories to centralize and organize findings across specific teams, creating an organizational knowledge base and a system of record.
Technical Security Measures
Strong encryption of data in transit
Multiple layered infrastructure and access controls
Strong authentication including Google SSO
Defended against abuse and scripted attacks
Segregated customer data environments
Regular red team testing exercises