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Technology Integrations

With the Gemini Enterprise Manager (GEM), we’re simplifying the way organizations access and deploy market leading solutions. The Gemini Enterprise Manager allows our users to seamlessly connect with leading solutions in a few clicks. Our goal is not to replicate or replace existing data sources or security tools. It’s to easily deploy, manage, and connect them to maximize value for the security professional.

Our technology partners better serve their customers, expand their reach, and gain exposure to new markets. Easily deploy and scale your solutions alongside today’s leading big data platforms in the Gemini Enterprise Manager.

Gemini Data Hadoop logo

Splunk Hadoop Connect

Splunk Hadoop Connect provides bi-directional integration to easily and reliably move data between Splunk and Hadoop.

Gemini Data Palo-Alto logo

Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks App for Splunk leverages the data visibility provided by Palo Alto Networks firewalls with Splunk's extensive investigation and visualization capabilities to deliver an advanced security reporting and analysis tool.

Gemini Data Fireeye logo

FireEye App for Splunk Enterprise

FireEye App for Splunk provides insights and analytics for the FireEye Security Appliances. The App ships required connectors, reports and dashboards to monitor the data generated by the devices.

Gemini Data STM logo

Splunk App for Stream

Splunk App for Stream is a scalable and easy-to-configure software solution that captures real-time streaming wire data from anywhere in your datacenter or from any public Cloud infrastructure.

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Stream Forwarder

Splunk App for Stream supports independent installation of Stream forwarder. This package provides a simplified installation of the independent Stream forwarder and it's configuration.

Gemini Data RSA logo

Administration App for RSA Security

The Administration App for Splunk app connects to a RSA Security Analytics Device via REST API and collects the device stats regularly.

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Query App for RSA Security

Security Query based App for Splunk collects data from RSA Security Analytics Brokers/Concentrators via REST API. Based on the provided queries, it polls NetWitness devices regularly and retrieves new session meta data. The data collected from RSA Security Analytics is compliant with Splunk's Common Information Model.

Gemini Data Ziften logo

Ziften for Splunk

Ziften for Splunk provides Continuous Monitoring and Continuous Response of enterprise endpoints to enhance security. The product provides real-time, rapid detection & actionable response to Indicators Of Compromise.

Gemini Data Widzee logo


Wizdee Search allows to perform Splunk SPL just by using natural language.

Gemini Data GE Lockup logo

Gemini Data Quality App

Gemini Data Quality App for Splunk helps you to analyze the quality of data indexed in Splunk. The App verifies Field coverage and Splunk CIM compliancy.

GE Lockup logo

Gemini Health App

The Health App for Splunk monitors the system state of all Gemini Appliance units in a deployment to predict Hardware failures or Resource shortage before an outage occurs.

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Add-on for Gemini Health

Add-on for Gemini Health App for Splunk collects low level sensor and system level metric data periodically.

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Gemini Alert Manager

Extended Splunk Alert Manager with advanced reporting on alerts, workflows (modify assignee, status, severity) and auto-resolve features.