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Powerful no-code graph analysis for everyone.

Start using graph technology before lunch. It’s that easy.

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Explore™ your data at warp speed and quickly discover unseen business risks and opportunities.

Featured use cases

Organizations are using Gemini Explore to connect the dots for their business. Here are some of the examples.

Quickly discover everything you need to know about your customer.

Contextualize and correlate any user, IP address, and device.

Investigate fraudulent claims faster by mapping related parties. 

Troubleshoot authentication and access issues with ease.

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Gemini thought leaders and subject matter experts share their insights and experiences.

Take a Test Drive.

Understanding the relationships between data points is the key to data analysis. Gemini Explore helps you connect the dots. It’s easy and intuitive – enabling you to interact with your data in a whole new way. Choose a test drive to try it for yourself.


Insurance Fraud

This test drive tells the story of how health insurance fraud was investigated via connections between doctors and health insurance salesmen.


Supply Chain Mgmt

In this example, you are a manufacturer of video projectors, and as a Supply Chain Manager you are tasked with optimizing business inventory.


IT Pros

This test drive highlights the benefit that an interactive visualization can have on discovering how entities are connected.


Movie Data

This is a fun way to understand the basics of Explore.
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In this example, you are a Security Analyst tasked with investigating a high priority cybersecurity breach alert.



See how Explore helps develop a target investor list by connecting the dots between multiple data sources such as LinkedIn and Crunchbase.


Connect The Dots, Tell Your Story​

We help organizations construct a connected view of their business.

Traditional data analytics solutions tend to be static and tabular, failing to capture the evolution of complex data relationships. By connecting the dots between data from disparate sources, Gemini Data helps organizations effectively transform data into stories.

Visual Data Relationships Drives Insight

Gemini Explore is NOT another data visualization tool. Our technology presents data relationships and context visually on an interactive canvas as a means to turn data into information and information into knowledge. It’s a totally new paradigm and here’s why it matters:

Explore makes difficult data analysis challenges relatively fast and easy, and impossible data analysis challenges possible, resulting in a material impact on business decisions.


Low Code‏‏‎ ‎No Code Graph Analysis

Gemini Explore isn’t low code. It’s no code. At its core, our platform is based on graph technology. That’s what enables us to show the relationships between disparate data sets.

Other graph technology solutions, while powerful, require experienced data scientists to build models, write queries, and create visuals. That means business analysts and leaders can’t easily make use of their data. By contrast, anyone can use Explore™.

By 2023, graph technologies will facilitate rapid contextualization for decision making in 30% of organizations worldwide.

Top 10 Data & Analytics Trends For 2020

While traditional data analytics solutions are useful for making charts and viewing historical trends, they fall short when it comes to understanding complex data relationships.

Have a Look Under the Hood (for data scientists)

In addition to Explore, Gemini offers an end-to-end graph data solution that integrates seamlessly with other tools in our stack. Here are the three primary tools that Gemini offers:



Memorable, Persuasive and Engaged Data Stories

Gemini Explore transforms data analytics by enabling anyone to easily and intuitively interact with data using contextual storytelling. It’s all about simplifying and making it easier to see, understand, and communicate the complex – so people can learn faster and do their jobs better.


Data Availability, For Everyone.

Gemini Stream allows organizations to seamlessly collect, reduce, transform, parse, and route machine data from and to the most common Big Data platforms, using a single interface.



Fast Implementation, Streamlined Administration

Gemini Central provides state-of-the-art turnkey solution for your analytics needs as it is integrated and pre-configured with a lightweight OS and other management tools and applications. Gemini Central is an innovative and robust platform that pre-empts the need to implement tricky and complex hardware specifications, capacity sizing, OS, IP and other configurations.

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