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Free Edition

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Gemini Data's automated big data slunk management for reduced complexity
Your Own Hardware

With the Gemini Software Appliance Free Edition, rapidly deploy and easily manage data platforms. Deploy Splunk in minutes and enjoy powerful node and cluster management capabilities. When ready, seamlessly upgrade to Gemini Software Appliance Enterprise Edition.

The Free Edition can be deployed on AWS, or in ISO or OVA forms that can be deployed on-premises in your own virtual environment.

Rapid Deployment

Deploy Splunk® in minutes, and in just a few clicks, provision infrastructure needed to launch Cloudera Manager. Minimize the burden on IT Operations, saving time and money.

Turnkey, No Ops Management

Focus on security and operational intelligence, not infrastructure management.

Optimized Infrastructure

Purpose built, secure hardware optimized for your data platform includes direct, attached high performance storage. Realize optimal performance and IOPS.

Supports Hybrid Strategies

All features available on purpose built, secure hardware or as a software appliance that runs on AWS or VMM. Supports our users’ journey to the cloud and back.

Maximize Value

Leading technology applications and integrations make teams more efficient. Install and start using in minutes.

“We achieved in one week what basically would have taken several month to setup.”

-Information Security Leader, Financial Institution

License Options
Gemini Free
Gemini Enterprise
SW Appliance for AWS or VM Ware EXI SW Appliance HW Appliance
Nodes in Configuration Up to 4 Unlimited Unlimited
Deploy Splunk in minutes
Access the Integration Center and all applications within
Access to Gemini Enterprise Manager's unified management UI
Powerful node/cluster management
Secure OS
Support Cloudera/Hadoop
Unlimited Users
Network Attached Storage
Failover and HA Features
Licensing and Support
Purpose-built hardware
High performance storage

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Gemini Data's automated big data slunk management for reduced complexity
Your Own Hardware