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Conrad Constantine

Security Data Strategist

Defending the enterprise means knowing it inside and out. The job of a security analyst has never been harder.

This is why we built Gemini.

Executing effectively on information security isn’t about knowing just security technology. It’s about knowing EVERY technology and organization uses and the operational context in which it is deployed.

New threat scenarios call for broad contextual insight about events, users and assets. With a never ending stream of alerts, Analysts’ knowledge must extend beyond the security domain into areas such as application performance, network configuration, and even enterprise organization structure. This is complex and time consuming, and explains why over 70% of security incidents are never fully investigated.

Additionally, without effective ways to capture organizational knowledge an enterprise does not benefit from collective wisdom and prior investigative work, leaving organizations and their assets increasingly vulnerable.

We’re here to change this by providing the security analyst with a dedicated platform. From enterprise data deployment and management to advanced security analysis, Gemini represents the fusion of human and machine intelligence. Welcome to analysis 3.0.

  • "I was excited to join Gemini because of the rare combination of great products, visionary leadership and a business model in which partners are at the core of Gemini's mission. This unique collection of assets positions Gemini to leverage and shape the future of the data and security technology markets."

    -Josh Hritz, Sr. Director, Global Alliances

  • "At Gemini I feel I am trusted, appreciated and allowed to take initiative to get things accomplished. For me, working for Gemini is like working with my best buddies.”

    -Patricia Tantow, Sr. Director, Marketing

  • “I joined Gemini because I can finally build the technology I’ve been wanting to bring to the world. I’m here because I’m part of an organization that has a long term plan for me, not a short term use for me.”

    -Conrad Constantine, Security Data Strategist

  • “Working with a team with years of empirical experience, enjoyable personalities, great leadership, and an overwhelming company spirit motivates me. I love building turnkey solutions for the future, driven by my passion for data and security.”

    -Simon Balz, Product Manager

  • “I love it here. This place rocks.”

    -Douglas Welcome, Lead Digital Designer