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We are Gemini Data.

We bring simplicity and automation to IT.

Who is Gemini Data?

We believe the power of technology and data will change the world for the better. No one person, or organization, should be left out of the digital revolution because of complexity and resource constraints. We’re building solutions that reduce complexity of big data and help people get the most out of their data by turning it into actionable knowledge.

We’re a passionate team. We are excited about working together. We even enjoy hanging out together. Trust, respect, fun and comradery fuel our day-to-day culture.

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What our team says
  • "I was excited to join Gemini because of the rare combination of great products, visionary leadership and a business model in which partners are at the core of Gemini's mission. This unique collection of assets positions Gemini to leverage and shape the future of the data and security technology markets."

    -Josh Hritz, Sr. Director, Global Alliances
  • "At Gemini I feel I am trusted, appreciated and allowed to take initiative to get things accomplished. For me, working for Gemini is like working with my best buddies.”

    -Patricia Tantow, Sr. Director, Marketing
  • “I joined Gemini because I can finally build the technology I’ve been wanting to bring to the world. I’m here because I’m part of an organization that has a long term plan for me, not a short term use for me.”

    -Conrad Constantine, Security Data Strategist
  • “Working with a team with years of empirical experience, enjoyable personalities, great leadership, and an overwhelming company spirit motivates me. I love building turnkey solutions for the future, driven by my passion for data and security.”

    -Simon Balz, Product Manager
  • “I love it here. This place rocks.”

    -Douglas Welcome, Lead Digital Designer


We believe every single team member should be empowered to have a direct impact and share in the company' s success

Come build something amazing.

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