Mid June, Splunk held their first Partner Technical Symposium in Atlanta and Barcelona. Over 300+ attendees from various partners from around the world joined for more than 15+ sessions targeting consultants, pre-sales and app developers. I was fortunate to be invited and attend. Surprisingly, besides faces I’ve known for many years, I met quite a lot of new people from partners and Splunk. This blog post highlights my reflections from the event in Barcelona.

Together with Core Splunk, which was covered by lots of interesting deep-dive sessions, Splunk’s premium solutions like “Enterprise Security ES”, “IT Service Intelligence ITSI” and “User Behaviour Analytics UBA” took center stage. Since general availability, maturity of these offerings improved alongside growing customer interest. I was extremely impressed to learn that Splunk has its own answer and solution ready for almost unthinkable Machine Data Analysis use cases.

By integrating the KV Store and HDFS from the Hadoop ecosystem with Hunk and Hadoop Connect, Splunk started another trend, transforming into a Universal Data Engine with a highly-flexible and efficient reporting platform.

At the event, developers get recognized as well. The newly introduced HTTP Event Collector extends the range of possible data feeds and related Use Cases, especially in the area of IoT and mobile computing. Frameworks like Custom Visualizations and the web stack complete the picture of Splunk as a platform for developers. Tons of third-party apps from high caliber developers are available today in Splunkbase. The quality of these apps gets approved by the new App Certification program.

One thing was very clear. The focus of Machine Data Analysis is clearly on the content: Nobody wants to lose time by time-intensive systems administration or annoying and long ordering processes for Splunk infrastructure. Moreover, the growing palette of Premium Solutions, use cases, and apps from third-parties increase the requirements for the underlying hardware platform in terms of performance and capacity. Today, SBOX provides a large set of appliance models: From high-performant Indexers to Search Heads for multiple application purposes over to Heafy Forwarders and Management Servers. We have the answer and solution to focus back on the essentials: The Content.