Splunk’s Annual User Conference always holds a special place in my heart, and .conf2017 was not one to disappoint. For the record, I’m not sure how many of these events I have attended, but I think I have only missed the first one, and that due to a scheduling conflict.   Certainly, I have been at the last 3 as a sponsor with Gemini Data [http://geminidata.com] (previously SBOX), but I had worked several of the prior ones as a Splunk employee.

Before I jump into the reasons why this year’s conference was awesome for Gemini Data, let me start by addressing the personal side of this.   For me, it’s like a huge family reunion.  I get to see friends, ex-coworkers, and customers with which I may have fallen out of touch.  I had hired, (or at least interviewed) many of the Splunk sales engineers who get to attend.  I had trained several dozen of their sales folks while I was working with the enablement team.   Many of my old customers are Splunk employees, and many of my ex-colleagues are now at Splunk partners.  At the risk of sounding all “small world,” I am continually amazed by the ecosystem that has sprung up around Splunk, and am honored to know so many of the players within that universe.

And to be honest, seeing all of the really smart Splunk Trust members walk around in their Fez and Capes is a sight to behold.  So much brainpower and experience.  Also, let’s not forget all of the bright shirts worn by Aplura “family reunion” attendees.   I love catching up with those folks.

OK – now for the actual work part.  Gemini Data had 11 attendees at .conf2017 representing our sales, marketing, product, service, and solutions teams.  We got trained, attended sessions, met with customers, and built new partnerships.  We attended dinners (sometimes more than one a night), happy hours and countless impromptu meetings.   We spoke with attendees about their needs and concerns, and proposed solutions that would help them get the most from their Splunk investments.  Oh, and we gave out a significant number of activity trackers that fed into Arrow’s “How Happy is CONF” experiment.  These limited edition trackers sported the Gemini logo along with the logos of Splunk and Arrow.  Demand was greater than supply, in this case, so you were lucky if you were able to snag one.

We announced some new things at .conf2017, all centered around our Gemini Enterprise Situational Awareness platform.

First and foremost, we introduced Gemini Investigator [https://www.geminidata.com/products/gemini-enterprise/].   This SaaS offering from Gemini Data allows analysts to quickly correlate data from disparate sources to enable InfoSec and IT Ops investigations.

Secondly, we announced many improvements to our Gemini Manager [https://www.geminidata.com/products/gemini-enterprise/] – the appliance that enables simplified deployment and automation for big data platforms such as Splunk and Hadoop.  Manager version 2.3 includes the ability to automatically create and configure Splunk Indexer Clusters and Search Head Clusters.  Of course, this is available for Manager running in the cloud or on-prem.

Didn’t get to see the demo or chat with one of our Solutions Architects?  Please feel free to reach out to contact@geminidata.com or visit us at www.geminidata.com [http://www.geminidata.com].