We’ve been receiving a lot of questions from prospects and customers about the cost of the SBOX Big Data Appliance vs. Commodity Hardware. When researching hardware options for big data deployment, many found SBOX to be the right choice for their organization. However, they needed to justify costs to procurement and explain why it is important to purchase a purpose-built appliance to properly support big data deployment. To help answer this question, we recently published our latest whitepaper, “Reducing Total Cost of Ownership of Big Data Deployment”. Below is a snippet of the executive summary.

Organizations continue to realize the value of machine data. But, with terabytes of data flooding systems, traditional architecture and infrastructures are often costly to scale. The fact is, traditional commodity hardware is simply not built and optimized for machine data. This limits the ability to design and deploy scalable systems, causing organizations to incur unanticipated costs associated with time, preparation, and licensing.

SBOX, the purpose-built big data appliance, dramatically reduces the cost for enterprises to deploy Splunk compared to commodity hardware cost for new deployment over three years. Total provisioning time can be reduced to within 1 hour instead of the potential days required to build out an end-to-end infrastructure.

SBOX features a hardened secure operating environment with an easy to learn GUI which can further reduce the overall deployment labor costs to less than 25% compared to rolling out commodity servers.

  • SBOX big data appliances provide enterprise with a secure and scalable alternative to commodity hardware while reducing effort and delivering a lower total cost of ownership.*

In this whitepaper, SBOX’s VP of Technial Services and Splunk expert, Bob Fox, will detail unanticipated costs associated with big data deployment and explore how the use of SBOX, a purpose built big data appliace, can reduce the overall expense of your big data installation.

To learn how you can save money on your big data deployment, download the white paper here [http://info.geminidata.com/l/210252/2017-05-03/3p81x/210252/26115/Gemini_TCO_Whitepaper.pdf] .