The latest version of Gemini Enterprise, version 2.4 is now available. This release delivers deeper enhancements to automation features, highly desired administration features, and new integrations and partnerships geared towards high-scale deployments. There are far too many individual improvements to speak of, so please refer to the Release Notes [] on the support site for more details. Here are a few notable enhancements.

Splunk Environments Following up on the cluster automation features rolled out in the earlier release, this version takes the notion of policy-based management even further. The notion of Splunk Environments is a higher level abstraction that includes the creation of multiple clusters, node definitions and role assignments. This makes it possible to create a near to one-click deployment of entire Splunk environments.

Other cool things? You can upgrade an entire cluster to a new Splunk version in one simple step. You can also deploy apps easily across all nodes in a Splunk cluster with a single click.

Built-In Disk Performance Benchmarking Assessing actual performance in the form of throughput has always been challenging and sometimes controversial, due to varying expectations of test parameters and tools. The disk I/O performance (IOPS) of Gemini Appliances can be measured with numerous tools including Bonnie++, FIO or others. However, observed benchmark results can vary widely depending on the tools and parameters.

Gemini Enterprise now provides a built-in benchmarking app that makes it possible to measure performance consistently over time and across appliances. To provide a more complete picture of real-world performance it also displays current IOPS in real-time. It uses industry standard FIO test tool and a documented methodology. You may still choose to use other tools depending on your specific workload or enterprise standards, and we provide additional information on our support site [] on specific considerations.

iSCSI Support Gemini Enterprise now supports iSCSI devices for external storage for retention purposes. iSCSI devices are mounted and managed directly within the External Storage options under Node configuration.

ClearSky - High-Performance, Elastic Storage Solution We’re thrilled to partner with ClearSky to enable support and easy integration with their innovative elastic storage solution. This allows enterprises to combine the value of extremely high-performance flash storage on-premises with the elasticity and flexibility of the cloud. It is a cost-effective, pay-for-use solution that uses the ClearSky optimized network and caches data intelligently in POPs nearest to the point of access. The result is optimal performance, seamless hybrid operations, and a lowered TCO upto 50%. Contact us for more information about this integration. Integration is supported easily via iCSCI and ClearSky apps are now available within the Integration Center.

Role Based Permissions Another long-awaited feature is the extensive support for role-based permissions within Gemini Enterprise. Users can be assigned to roles with each roles customized on a highly granular level allowing read or write access to numerous aspects of the configuration. Built-in audit logs provide added value for compliance reporting.

Support for Microsoft Azure and HyperV We have a new addition to the list of supported public cloud platforms, Microsoft Azure. Gemini Enterprise can now be deployed on Microsoft Azure and will soon be available through the Azure marketplace. Please refer to the support site for details and technical considerations. Additionally, packaging is provided for deployment as a HyperV package.

And the rest... In addition to the above notable features this release also includes a large number of customer-driven enhancements including the following...

  • Backup - Improvements to Backup capabilities includes the ability to backup default and custom user settings, support better migration across appliances and improved handling of user credentials.
  • Guest OS utilities - Support for OS utilities needed for management on VMWare and HyperV.
  • Logrotate of External Logs - numerous improvements to Log Rotate features.

The new release is available as an ISO or OVA for fresh installations, and as an AMI in the AWS console. Contact your account manager or our support team for access to binaries. Upgrade packs are also available to automate upgrade from older versions. Our support team is here to help with upgrade requests or answer other questions. Check back on the Support Portal [] frequently for updates and information.

We sincerely appreciate all the feedback that helped drive this release, and we hope to get more about these new features.