We’d like to introduce you to one of our newest team members, Hamish Talbot [https://www.linkedin.com/in/htalbot/]. Hamish joins us from Sony, where he was a Security Architect. Prior to that, he held security focused professional services roles at HP and ArcSight. As the Gemini Atlas [https://www.geminidata.com/products/gemini-atlas/] Platform Manager, Hamish is focused on delivering technology that helps organizations achieve true situational awareness.

In conversation with Heather Gadonniex, our Marketing VP, Hamish highlights top trends he sees in the infosec industry, why he joined Gemini Data [https://www.geminidata.com], and what he is looking forward to most about his new role.


Heather: Welcome to the Gemini Data team! Could you tell us a little about your background and why you decided to join Gemini?

Hamish: Prior to joining Gemini, I worked for HP ArcSight for 5 years, before switching sides to being a customer with Sony’s “Playstation Network” managing their SIEM (ArcSight) and other tools. While at Sony, we had an initiative underway to evaluate whether ArcSight was the right tool for the needs of the PlayStation Network, and it was during this time that I discovered Gemini. The concept of being able to see all relevant data points related to an incident, visually and in real time was the promise of SIEM… and it never realized. When I was shown the capabilities of Gemini Atlas, I was hooked! To be able to visually see how different data points are connected to one another through their relationships, with both event data and contextual data represented gives a complete picture of what, who, how, when… to say I’m excited about joining Gemini is an understatement, I’m ecstatic!

Heather: You were previously a Security Architect at Playstation Network and have a long history as a security consultant. What top trends are you seeing in the Infosec industry?

Hamish: Cloud Based Computing – a global movement is upon us whereby organizations and companies worldwide are rushing to embrace cloud based computing. Considering the minimal time to launch, capacity (both from a computational and volume perspective), scalability, resilience and the ease to deploy makes the switch to cloud based computing very attractive. Yet, due to security concerns there is some resistance to fully adopting a cloud strategy. With such rapid integration of cloud based technologies, there comes the need to understand and develop appropriate standards that accommodate how the cloud operates and the effects on Security, IT Ops and GRC.

Attack Methods and Techniques – these are constantly evolving, producing smarter, more effective, and harder to detect attack campaigns. It’s quite alarming, that the number of high profile incidents continue to increase, while ability to detect such incidents becomes more of a challenge even for seasoned analysts. The technology we have relied on to-date simply does not serve our needs effectively enough.

Merging and querying big data sets – data is being generated and captured at a staggering rate, however most of it is not known about by those who need it (Analysts), where it is stored, how to access it and is either not in a format that we as humans can easily digest or the volume of data is overwhelming to be able to make sense of. These data sets are typically stored in silos and being able to link and query across these silos is almost impossible.

Recently however, I saw how utilizing climate data and geographical data combined with grape varieties for specific regions, gave a winery the precise data to determine which grapes, from what region, would produce the highest quality of wine.

Heather: What are you looking forward to most in your new role?

Hamish: In this role I am able to focus on something that really excites me – Situational Awareness. I know it sounds like a pipe dream, but to understand how an incident occurred, what it means to the business and the true impact it has on an organization is awesome. Then, add to this the ability to take these lessons learned and to be able to predict potential incidents based on these patterns – this is the holy grail.

Heather: Ok, enough work talk. What are you passionate about … outside of Gemini of course.

Hamish: It may sound corny, but I have 2 daughters that I adore and love spending time with, so most of my downtime is spent building rocketships, playing catch and when the weather is accommodating heading out to the local park.