We’re excited to welcome Chiradip Mandal to the Gemini Data team! Chiradip comes to Gemini Data from Cisco where he held a variety of roles during his 8-year tenure with the company including product architect, technical lead, and manager. At Infoblox, he was the Principal Architect of Threat Intelligence (ML) and Passive DNS. Chiradip also was the Director of Technology for Sensity Systems (acquired by Verizon), an IoT Platform, and co-founder and CTO of Pacific Research Technologies (PacRT). At Gemini, he’s most excited about bringing his technology vision to the company and scaling the engineering team.

In conversation with Heather Gadonniex, Gemini Data’s VP of Marketing, Chiradip tells us why he joined Gemini, what technology trends he sees, and what he is passionate about outside of work.

1) Could you tell me a little about your background and why you decided to join Gemini Data?

When I first was introduced to Gemini Data, I realized this company is a well-oiled sales machine. My intuition was reinforced in the first week of November during the series of sales/QBR meetings. I see a huge opportunity for engineering to help architect new innovations in order to keep the already efficient sales wheel moving.

I worked at Cisco for 8 years as an architect, chief architect and a manager and worked on several successful and unsuccessful products. I earned a lot about how to effectively fuse technology into products that touch the entire spectrum of enterprise systems ranging from hardware, network, enterprise applications, cloud, SDN, etc. After I left Cisco at the beginning of 2015, I went on to build a world-class IoT team and a category-defining product architecture for an IoT startup which was acquired by Verizon in 2016. And then, I worked for Infoblox as a principal architect to build machine learning backed passive DNS architecture and then back to Cisco again for a short period of time where I worked on “cloudification” of Identity Services Engine and Zero Trust Network as part of Cisco’s Digital Network Architecture (DNA). During the past years, I also contributed to many open-source projects, and have been a blogger and a speaker. I love experimenting with technologies, especially modern languages, and am a big proponent of polyglot programming.

2) Can you tell me about some trends your seeing in the industry?

Beside BigData, Cloud, and Software Defined Networking – industry trend is shifting towards Zero Trust Network, commercialization of BlockChain, smart-contract and other crypto-currency inspired technologies. Machine Learning is becoming commonplace in the area of information analysis and AI in the area of critical autonomous decision making. The advancement of GPU technology is making ML and AI inexpensive using very small form-factor computers dubbed as ‘AI supercomputers’ on your desk. In the area of modern language development – functional programming is becoming more popular for a good reason. I can just keep talking about this subject non-stop, I would rather stop for now before it gets really intense and opinionated!

3) What are you looking forward to the most in your new role?

My primary objective is to support the ongoing business and to continue to build category-defining products and technologies which in turn delight customers and drive the company valuation high.

4) What are you passionate about outside of Gemini?

Outside my profession, I have a variety of interests. I love sailing. I may be “too hooked” on this sport. I have an Extra Class designation for my amateur radio license. I build radios and talk to random people all over the world. I also love photography and a big fan of Leica cameras for their sheer beauty and minimalists yet effective design. I have a beautiful wife, a 12-year-old son and two hunting dogs – they are my partners in most adventures. Speaking of my real passion – I would like to do something in the education space where every child in every corner of the world will get equal opportunity to receive a high-quality education.