Anyone who has known me for more than a few hours knows that I am a huge fan of Splunk. When the IT landscape was the wild, wild west of logging formats, Splunk mosied into town with an awesome way to collect, index and search all of that data. As time progressed, Splunk released some pretty cool dashboards, reports, and a very powerful search language. That search language is so amazing, that if one wants to sit through the hours of classes required for certification AND put in the hands-on effort required to truly master SPL, Splunk may reward you with a cape and fez. No disrespect at all to the Splunk Trust members, but does search really need to be this hard?

We started Gemini Data because there was a huge disparity between those who needed to use the data collected into Splunk and other platforms (let’s call them the USERS) and those who knew how to install, manage, and search the data (let’s call them the ADMINS).

The ADMINS were willing to put the time and effort into mastering Linux, collecting data, and understanding how to scale out architectures. They learned the sourcetypes, index locations, and field names needed to work with that data. They toiled with the Splunk Processing Language (SPL) in order to make dashboards and reports to satisfy the USERS requests.

The USERS rejoiced in having access to these dashboards, but quickly found that they were at the mercy of the ADMINS to onboard new data sources and alter their existing dashboards and reports. ADMINS held the keys. USERS were forced to either wait for the ADMINS to service their requests or to take time away from their day jobs to learn how to wrangle this data.

Those with as much gray hair as I have know that we have seen this movie before. As a recovering DBA, I used to hold those keys to the kingdom. If you needed a schema changed, a query built, or a data import, you needed to submit a request and I would eventually get back to you. So much for data democratization. Why haven’t we moved past this?

Now, our marketing team will never let me post this unless I do a plug for Gemini Enterprise and mention how we help our customers with data analysis and management, but I would much rather show you. Give us 30 minutes of your time, and we will happily show you the solution which is giving power back to the USERS. No fez required.